xreekinghavocx (xreekinghavocx) wrote in co_ops,

anarcho-landlords of the world, discuss!

Hey all,

I just started a new LJ community (anarcholandlord) for anarchists (and other radical/leftist/progressive folk) who find themselves in the landlord business. I thought it would be really useful to have a forum for radicals who are also landlords to discuss common issues and strategies and theory and things like that.

This community is for anarchist/radical landlords, anarchists/radicals who are interested in or have experience with owning property, and staff of collective organizations that own property and have tenants. This includes anyone who legally owns a property and is providing a place to live for others, whether you have one tenant or one hundred, and whether or not you feel comfortable with the words "tenant" and "landlord" being applied to your situation. Folks who live in houses that are otherwise run completely collectively but whose names are on the property deed are encouraged to join, whether or not you have some kind of plan to become a land trust or other such thing.

I'd like to encourage any such people reading this to join.
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