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Summer sublets available in Ann Arbor co-op!

Rooms to sublet this summer in Heiwa House, a seven-person progressive independent co-op. Summer sublet dates are flexible and more than one room will be available.

Each housemate pays at total of $540 per month that covers "everything": $400 for rent, plus $40 for utilities (wireless internet, phone, free laundry, gas/electric, and water), and $100 for food (we share food bought from local community farms, the Peoples' Food Co-op, and in bulk). Our outdoor common space includes veggie gardens, a bike shed, parking, and a sauna. The co-op is located on a bus line and within easy walking or biking distance to Ann Arbor downtown, University of Michigan campus and medical center.

Heiwa was founded in 1985 by peace and justice activists. Our membership is environmentally conscious, politically active, and LGBT celebratory. We are a vegetarian, non-smoking household who enjoy sitting down to dinner together (though you do not need to be vegetarian or a non-smoker to live here). Our community includes working folks and grad students of all ages, as well as the two-child family next door and occasionally boarders.

Heiwa's mission is to provide affordable cooperative housing for a diverse membership through cooperatively owned property, and communal living, while upholding principles of sustainability, peace, racial and economic justice, lifelong cooperative living, and involvement in local community.

Call us at (734) 669-8028 or email us at HeiwaHouseOnCraigsList@gmail.com. (Yes, we know this isn't Craig's List, but there wasn't much point in making another e-mail account for LJ.)

(Photo available on request--my free LJ account won't let me post it!)
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