I like Bugs. (jlygrnmigt) wrote in co_ops,
I like Bugs.

NASCO Institute

Sooo, is anyone coming to the NASCO institute in Ann Arbor this weekend? My house is hosting about 30 people.

Ok, so we're hosting Ant Hill (7) in Rochester, NY, ACME House (4) in Athens, OH, Nickel City (8) in Buffalo, NY, Qumbya (4) in Chicago, IL, CLO (4) in Gainsville, FL and faculty members, Ahamad Zaky and Billie Lane.

I imagine a similar number of people were assigned to our sister house, Renaissance, which shares everything (including a building) with us. Ooooh this will be fun :)
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I am! Which house is yours? We're staying at Georgia O'Keeffe.
O'Keeffe it is!

That's awesome. I'm the main contact for the house, so let me know if you have any questions ok.info -at- umich.edu

I need to bug the office to find out who I should be expecting, because seriously, they don't tell me anything.
Also, can you let me know when y'all are showing up? I have to make sure we're ready for you.
what house do you live in?

i lived in Debs for two years ~ that house still essentially owns my soul, even though I'm now 700 miles away from it (and its wonderful, wonderful front porch...)

Have fun at NASCO, kids!

~ melissa

I'm one of the North Campus outcasts :)

Zami! and Chavez House
are staying at Black Elk
Great! I like Black Elk...neat house, cool yard.

Just out of curiosity, when did they tell you where you were going to be staying? Because they haven't told us yet :)
yah, black elk is dope... i would have lived there if debs hadn't taken over my soul. :) fire pit = awesome. fire pit drunk = almost as awesome, but danger abounds.
My housemates and I all got an email about it a few days ago. I just got a call about Nasco Institute stuff tonight, maybe you will get a call too and can ask then.
Are you a visitor or a host? One would think they'd be together enough to let us hosts know how many people are going to be showing up.

My house is gigantic and we have a chef...she's going to be pissed if we end up with 30 extra people eating dinner that she didn't know about.
I was in the NASCO office yesterday doing office labor, and there are 25 people staying in Renaissance--so sounds like a similar number to O'Keefe. We have a lot of folks doing community co-op development, including members of my old co-=op from Boston (go BCC!

And extra points if you can guess who this is, buglady...
do I get even more points if I return your hat?
Ding ding ding! Was it the Boston reference?

Bring the hat by whenever is convenient for you. I have a different one I usually wear outside.
pretty much. But I looked at your profile and read your personal journal a bit just to verify :) It was the whole personstilllivinginmyroom fiasco that confirmed it positively.