velochicdunord (velochicdunord) wrote in co_ops,

Life on a Toronto Residential Co-ownership Co-op Board

This article ran in last month's Toronto Life:

It has a bit of a snarky feel; that's the tone of a lot of their articles.

My building isn't as bad as the building described in the article, mainly because we're catching stuff sooner. (the new manual, of which I am the chief author, is helping _alot_) but the bitching level is about that high, and yes there was a two year period when I _dreaded_ being stopped in the hall over one matter or another. We're self-managed, which raises the workload further. We've got a property management company lined up, ready for the in-house Board stafing crisis which is going to blow by the spring. My building is half the size, of the same era, better built, and the main source of the acrimony has died. But this is life on a co-op Board in Toronto.....
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