gregthrasher (gregthrasher) wrote in co_ops,

Berkeley summer student wants cooperative living with other Nerds

I am returning to UC after a Reed College escapade and will be studying Cognition and Politics. As anyone who's ever found themselves at Reed College, I am a nerd, not the stubborn fashionable kind, but a real nerd. I'm 21 and I'm a dude, though not very manly.
I arrive in the middle of June for classes starting on the 23rd and I potentially could crash around with some people if you don't have space until later. I'm going to stay at Berkeley through the Fall, but it's ok if I have to move somewhere else at the end of the summer. I only know a few people in who actually live in Berkeley and I don't necessarily want to live with them, so I'm going to *resort* to craigslist. I just want to find somewhere with incredibly decent people who start things and know things, and who I can have real conversations (you know, "rational" ones) with.

I guess my personality is peaceful-ish (I feel overstimulated pretty often and think peace a fundamental necessity before anything can get done), but I also love Science and deliberately bringing up contradictory viewpoints (including ones that contradict the western industrialist invention of Science itself), so I'm not sure my personality is really classifiable. I like being outside anytime it's sunny, I like quiet music all the time. I sort of like talking about computer theoretical stuff and people are pretty interesting (why I'm studying cognition). I've done a good amount of thinking about human computer interaction so if you're into that feel free to ask me about it. I've made money mostly doing little programming gigs but I don't really like programming. I just like thinking about the potential of computers and the way people use them.

I'm told I can be really spacey and also be really normal: you never know when.
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