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Cooperative living and working
A place for those living in or who have participated in cooperative environments to share their ideas and sentiments. Share projects, ideas, get advice on starting a co-op in your area or discuss issues that arise in your co-op environment.

Let's get some basic rules up in here:
1) No advertising or spam of any kind. Mentioning other comms is cool, but don't pimp your shit here. Doing so = autoban. If you see someone doing this, email a mod.

2) Do not delete/screen comments, or delete your post. People not agreeing with you about something? Tough shit. Also, if you're being a tard, we'd like to see it in all it's glory.

3) No troll posts. Such posts will be met with appropriate mocking, or possibly outright deletion, depending on the interest and mood of the community.

4) No off-topic posts. Post must relate to cooperative life of some kind. Reposting of links to/clipped text of news stories about communal life is okay too.

5) No grudgewanks or personal attacks. Take responsibility for your actions like an adult, dammit. Being a douche will likely get you warned and/or banned. Invading personal journals of members/commenters is a violation of LJ's Terms-Of-Service, and as such is an autoban.

6) lj-cut long posts. If you think your post might be long please throw it behind an lj-cut and don't clutter up everyone's friends page.